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Using leftovers: Les pâtes à la carbonara (pasta carbonara)




As much as I’m a fan of bacon and eggs, a busy schedule means that a weekend fry-up is a rare thing in my household. I have a few leftovers hanging around from my quiche Lorraine, so I thought I’d share an easy weeknight recipe that I found on Taste a year or so ago.

I’m not a great fan of carbonara sauces. I often find them too heavy and rich with the amount of cream, cheese and milk that’s used. On top of that, a lot of people seem to think that because they’re adding cream, the other flavours can fall by the wayside. Wrong.

In fact, apparently carbonara is traditionally cream-free (quelle surprise!), so this easy version might be closer to the Italian tradition than I first thought. It’s also a reasonably cheap meal for my fellow students out there.

No, it’s not French (although the French do love their pasta), but it’s a great way to use up any bacon and eggs that are on their way out, and is full of flavour!


Creamless Carbonara:

Serves 4

Cooking time: 10mins prep+ 15mins to cook

-Approx. 400g pasta (I used spirals)

-3 lightly beaten eggs

-Approx. 1/4 cup fresh chives (or dried, if you can’t get fresh)

-2+ crushed garlic cloves (I usually do about 3, my housemate does a whole bulb…it depends on your tastes)

-100g pancetta or streaky bacon (rind removed), chopped

-1/2 cup parmesan (or other mature) cheese

-Parsley to garnish

-Salt and pepper


Cook pasta until aldente in large saucepan. Combine eggs, chives and cheese, season. ImageHeat olive oil in pan and cook bacon until brown. Reduce heat and cook garlic for about 30 seconds. Drain pasta well and add to bacon and garlic. Coat the pasta, then take off the heat and add egg mixture. Stir until pasta is coated, but don’t take too long or eggs will scramble. Serve immediately, garnishing with parsley and more salt and pepper if desired.

CarbonaraVoila! Les pâtes à la carbonara! C’est trop façile (it’s too easy)!

Bonne chance!





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